MUST DO when visiting Los Angeles, California!

What’s up, yo?

A bajillion or so peeps visit LA every year and there’s, like you know, a bajillion things to do.  So, how do you decide? How do you whittle down the list of a bajillion to 6 or 8 things you can do in a week long vacation?

Well, I searched a few Top 10 lists on Google and asked a few buddies and talked to the locals last time I was there to see what they liked to do on a regular basis.  Or, is it bases?  Anyhow, I came up with this list below. Don’t be a hater. It’s just a list. And, it’s my list.

Some of these I have done and some are still on my list for the next trip. Or two. Also.


  1. Go to Hollywood.  See the stars on the Walk of Fame.  Sit around a few minutes and spot a few celebs. Gawk at the million dollar cars and the million dollar plastic surgery.
  2. Go to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Go ahead, you know you want to act like a kid again. Ride the coasters, eat the cotton candy, ride more coasters, puke, and so on.  Avoid the long lines by buying a Fast Pass.  So worth it!
  3. Go to Muscle Beach. Watch the folks lift weights. And watch the other folks roller skate. Yes, they still do that. Check out the dogs and the babes and the skateboarders. Check out the tons of sunscreen. You can tell those who don’t use it. Forget burnt. These people look like they have leather for skin.
  4. Go to Huntington Beach. Dude, it’s huge. Plenty of real estate here if you want to relax and soak up rays. If you’d rather ride a bike or skate up and down for miles, you can do that, too.  Or play volleyball. There’s about 10 sets of beach volleyball courts/nets.  And folks always playing. Kites, hot dogs, more babes in what they call bikinis but looks like butt floss, more hot dogs, plenty of real dogs, skaters, surfers (for real, dude), and plenty more to try to just to watch. Oh, and shopping. And a pier with a cool burger joint. Speaking of joints …
  5. Stay out of the traffic. Move late at night or early in the morning.
  6. Disneyland. Gotta go to Anaheim and deal with a bajillion people and even more kids. Especially if you have kids. I was talking to my buddy who owns Mesa Painting Pros in Arizona and he stays pretty active with 4 kids and what not. But, he couldn’t hang on this day. They had whooped him. Too many options. Too much to do. Too much walking. But, also lots of fun if you can pace yourself. See Mickey of course. Play the arcade games. Ride the rides. Go ahead.  Take the kids.  You gotta do it at least once. You don’t want to be ‘that guy.’
  7. Take a picture of the Hollywood sign. With you in it.
  8. Go to a Dodgers game. Or the Angels. Or both. Sitting in a baseball stadium eating peanuts and drinking beer with a cool breeze blowing in the 75 degree weather is pretty awesome. Who cares who wins?
  9. Drive down to San Diego.  Go to Coronado Beach and take the kids to Sea World.  It’s worth it.
  10. Go to Universal Studios.


There’s lots more and you could spend 100 vacations and not see it all.  But, this is a good start.

Hang ten, bro!